Dutch, adj., [fɑbʏ'løs]

1. almost impossible to believe
2. exceptionally good or unusual
3. told about in fables

fABULEUS is a theatre and dance company, with a specific focus on young audience and talent development.
On stage we present either youngsters who work with professional directors/choreographers, or (starting) professionals. fABULEUS offers them the necessary framework to develop their qualities as performer, dancer or creator, and has an exemplary role internationally. With its productions fABULEUS reaches a remarkably broad audience encompassing all ages, with special attention to youngsters and children.

Some of the choreographers/directors: Ugo Dehaes, Nicole Beutler, Koen De Preter, Randi De Vlieghe, Jan Martens, Natascha Pire, Helder Seabra, Michiel Vandevelde.

Information & distribution:
Vincent Van den Bossche
+ 32 (0)486 38 39 55

fABULEUS, HET LAB & 6 cultural centres in Limburg / Piet Van Dycke - with 8 youngsters
Dance 12+
Premiere: Fr 23 Feb 2024, 20:15, De Velinx (Tongeren)
Tour: 2023 - 2024, 2024 - 2025

No highs without lows. No end without a beginning. In Beyond the Edge, a group of young people move across a life-size installation of ladders. A performance about how we all try to get higher, but depend on each other in every position.

Circus and dance maker Piet Van Dycke is only 26 but already a well-known name at home and abroad. In 2014, he danced for the first time in Karolien Verlinden's IABULEUS production dUb. In Beyond the Edge, he tests the limits of a mixed cast of young people aged between 13 and 23, at the intersection between acrobatics, dance and parkour. Physical dependence has never been more exciting.

Beyond the Edge is a project of the cultural centres of Maasmechelen, Genk, Heusden-Zolder, Houthalen-Helchteren, Lommel and Tongeren together with HET LAB/Krokusfestival and fABULEUS. In previous years, they already realised SNAP XL (2018) and We Go Places (2021) together.

fABULEUS / Reut Shemesh - with 10 youngsters
Dance 14+
Premiere: Wed 8 Nov 2023, 20:30, STUK (Leuven)
Tour: 2023 - 2024, 2024 - 2025

It is harder to be a man today, and in many ways, that’s a good thing.”
(Christine Emba)

In this dance production, ten youngsters let their 'male' energy flow freely: explosive and vulnerable. On the thin line between festivity and rebellion. ULTRA poses questions on the role of the man in our changing times, but above all it's a portrait of a group of teens in a world full of expectations and labels.

In recent years, Choreographer Reut Shemesh has been house artist at K3/Hamburg and tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, a theatre where fABULEUS performs regularly. For the creation of ULTRA Reut found inspiration in the dynamics of fanatic football supporters and her personal questions as the mother of a growing son.

fABULEUS / Helder Seabra - with 12 youngsters
Dance 14+
Premiere: wed 15 march, 20:30, STUK (Leuven)
Tour: 2022 - 2023, 2023 - 2024

In less than a second, we connect with people on the other side of the world. So why is it so difficult to connect with the people we interact with every day? Human Instruction Manual is an intense dance performance about the search for a manual for humans and for life.

Propelled by electronic dance music, 12 young people move around each other. Gradually, they try to bridge the distance between them. But how do you decipher someone else's instruction manual? And how do you explain yourself to the outside world?

Portuguese dancer/choreographer Helder Seabra danced for a long time with Ultima Vez and Eastman/Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In recent years, he has been developing his own work at home and abroad, including from his own company Incognitus.

• Theatre & Dance
• Emerging artists
• Young professionals
• Youngsters and children
• Talent development
• All audiences

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