Dutch, adj., [fɑbʏ'løs]

1. almost impossible to believe
2. exceptionally good or unusual
3. told about in fables

fABULEUS is a theatre and dance company, with a specific focus on young audience and talent development.

fABULEUS produces work created by emerging theatre and dance professionals and by directors/choreographers working with youngsters. On a yearly basis an average audience of 30.000 - often young - people is reached. Some of the choreographers/directors: Ugo Dehaes, Nicole Beutler, Jan Martens, Tuning People, Busy Rocks, Randi De Vlieghe.

Information & distribution:
Vincent Van den Bossche
+ 32 (0)486 38 39 55

fABULEUS and Ugo Dehaes

Tour: 2016-2017

After successfully collaborating with fABULEUS for GIRLS (2013), Ugo Dehaes works with a group of young people again in RATS. This time he opposes a couple of drones, an adult contemporary female dancer and seven young urban dancers.

fABULEUS and Randi De Vlieghe

Tour: 2016-2017

A dance performance with the impact of a pop concert. An intense showdown between three professional male dancers and a live drummer. Everything revolves around the irresistible power of the beat. And of the silence.

• Theatre & Dance
• Emerging artists
• Young professionals
• Youngsters and children
• Talent development
• All audiences

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