Dutch, adj., [fɑbʏ'løs]

1. almost impossible to believe
2. exceptionally good or unusual
3. told about in fables

fABULEUS is a theatre and dance company, with a specific focus on young audience and talent development.

fABULEUS produces work created by emerging theatre and dance professionals and by directors/choreographers working with youngsters. On a yearly basis an average audience of 30.000 - often young - people is reached. Some of the choreographers/directors: Ugo Dehaes, Nicole Beutler, Jan Martens, Tuning People, Busy Rocks, Randi De Vlieghe.

Information & distribution:
Vincent Van den Bossche
+ 32 (0)486 38 39 55

(fABULEUS and Ugo Dehaes)
After successfully collaborating with fABULEUS for GIRLS (2013), Ugo Dehaes works with a group of young people again in RATS. This time he opposes a couple of drones, an adult contemporary female dancer and seven young urban dancers.
by Ugo Dehaes
Tour 2016-2017.

(fABULEUS and Randi De Vlieghe)
A dance performance with the impact of a pop concert. An intense showdown between three professional male dancers and a live drummer. Everything revolves around the irresistible power of the beat. And of the silence.
With Javier Ojeda Hernández, Samuel Minguillón, Jonas Garrido Verwerft and Ephraïm Cielen
Tour 2016-2017.

Alleen de grootste nabijheid/ Only the closest proximity/ Nur die nächste Nähe
8 youngsters (ages 15-22) try to get a grip on J. W. von Goethe's Elective Affinities (1809). Together they translate the almost inscrutable reflections about love into the direct communication of dance.
By Ryan Djojokarso and Bram Jansen.
Tour fall 2015, 2016.

Declaration of Love

(fABULEUS and NBprojects)
The internationally known choreographer Nicole Beutler creates an antidote for Peter Handke’s Publikumsbeschimpfung: a declaration of love to the audience in text and movement with 6 youngsters.
By Nicole Beutler, Magne van den Berg, Gary Shepherd.
Tour 2014, 2015, 2016.

An exploration of everything that made Michael Jackson the amazing performer and choreographer that he was. A performance of almost exhausting proportions as they clelebrate not just Jackson, but all the music and dancers that inspired him.
By Natascha Pire and Dirk De Lathauwer

Odd Days

Three blonde characters play a Playmobil version of adult life with all it’s strange habits and unspoken feelings. An almost wordless theatre performance (with Swedish accent) for all audiences (6+).
By and with Lisa Verbelen, Katrien Valckenaers en Filip Bilsen.
Tour spring 2015, spring 2016.

What happens if you dub every noise in your surroundings? dUb is an energetic dance piece in which not only every movement, but also every sound is choreographed. With an impressive cast of 14 dancers.
By Karolien Verlinden and Wannes Deneer/Tuning People. With 14 youngsters.
Tour spring 2014, spring 2015.

A much too young orator climbs the pulpit. Stand-up is a passionate and desperate plea from an angry young person with a genuine ambition to shake his peers awake.
By Ruth Mellaerts and Dirk De lathauwer.
Tour spring 2016.

ZOO doen ze de dingen/ How ZOO they do it?
An imposing and humorous dance performance for big venues with 7 professional dancers. Inspired by the extravagant shapes and intriguing movements in the animal and insect world. For all audiences (6+).
By Randi De Vlieghe.
Tour fall 2015.

Tape voor kleuters/
Tape for toddlers

(fABULEUS and Tuning People)
With garbage of an adhesive tape factory Tuning People creates a visual enchanting world. Even the soundtrack is completely produced by adhesive tape. A performance about playing and imagination (4+).
By Tuning People.
Tour spring 2016.

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Alleen de grootste nabijheid
ZOO doen ze de dingen
Love Songs (veldeke)
Tape voor Kleuters